Survival – A Quarter Story

Survival - A Quarter Story

With tied hands,
And a blunt knife nearby,
All he was left with two choices…

Be a slave of his own shadows.

Taking a deep breath,
With his heart beating hard,
And he chose the blunt knife…

Anoop ©People and Hearts

The Prologue – An Unpublished Novel



This story is set in the summer of 2014 in Chennai, India. A random casual message conversation marks the beginning of the story.

A Whatsapp Chat:

Anay: Hi
Sagar: Hi
Anay: So finally you are back to India! Welcome back home.
Sagar: Yes back home… B-)
Anay: When you reached
Sagar: Two days back
Anay: How are you? What plans for the evening..
Sagar: All good. Thinking to go for a movie.. But no one to accompany me :-e
Anay: Ha ha… I go for movies all alone for the last two years… It’s fun watching the movie alone! ,-)
Sagar: Oh! Really… l:-O… I hate to go alone for a movie in theatre. I can’t think of that ever.
Anay: That’s thrilling for me.
Sagar: Hmm. I got to get some t-shirts. Chennai is changed a lot. Feeling new to this place like never before.
Anay: You need some company? Movie and shopping after that… What do you say?
Sagar: Cool… You got bike?
Anay: Nope.. How about you?
Sagar: Yeah, I got my Activa. So where shall we meet.
Anay: I will wait at the old Reebok showroom in Anna Nagar. But at what time?
Sagar: 6 pm. What movie?
Anay: Let’s go to the theatre and decide…
Sagar: Okay…
Anay: Meet you there

Sagar and Anay are schoolmates and they grew up playing gully cricket together since the age of 9 near their neighbourhood. They used to visit each other’s locality and played cricket with tennis and rubber balls.

Cricket was a phenomenon in India and is still the same. In the late 1990’s gully cricket brought them together.

But after few years, Anay shifted his home to another locality. Since then, there was less cricket and meetings between the two, even though they studied in the same school.

They know each other from the age of four, even before the era of gully cricket. But they were not that close as one would expect.

Many things happened in their lives. They never shared any secrets about each other. They were different from in every aspect. They forgot and never bothered about each other.

After almost a decade, they spoke to each other with open hearts. And the story begins from here.

Read on…

To be continued… Chapter 1 will be updated soon…

— Anoop  © People and Hearts


My Unpublished Book – The Beginning


Yes, this is my unpublished novel. I begin with this line. And this is indeed the beginning of my unpublished book.

Note to the reader: You are fortunate enough to read the first copy of my drafted novel straight from here. Because it has not been published anywhere. And you don’t have to spend a penny to buy this unpublished book. It’s all free…


Chapter 1 – The Beginning

To be continued…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

Reboot of People and Hearts

This is the third anniversary of my blog People and Hearts. Thank you for all the support this blog has received.

This is the reboot of People and Hearts. A second coming of the blog. Over the years, I’ve evolved as a person, my thoughts, and the writer in me has evolved. And so does my blog.


Yes, I’m Anoop. I’ve kept a low profile all these years, by working behind the blog in a different way. The mind behind this blog.

Now this blog will find a new direction and soul to move forward. I’ve more to offer to this world and to my readers.

There are lots to come… Keep hope and I’ll keep you posted…

People and Hearts has rebooted…

Anoop © People and Hearts


Creating an Inspiring World

I’m in the midst of creating an inspiring world. A world that draws inspiration from creativity.

A world that inspires many - Anoop ©People and Hearts

A world without masters, workers or slaves. A world full of creators and optimists.

A world that creates itself by creativity. A world with abundance of ideas to work on.

A world that doesn’t rely on money. A world that doesn’t need success. A world of it’s own.

A world that inspires many…

And that world will be a reality someday…

– Anoop © People and Hearts